Thursday, June 9, 2011

E3 - Essentials in brief

With Nintendo having presented at last, for me at least, E3 is done for this year. Here's what I think about it:

To be honest Microsft didn't appeal to me at all. Their focus was just not in my interests. Of course the market for casual games has been booming, but I am definitely not a casual gamer. Nevertheless it was still enviable how efficiently Kinect works now, but I still think it will become boring after a few tries. There is also the fact that I've  never really been a Microsoft fan to begin with..For all those Halo fans out there: Have fun with a remastered version and a new trilogy!

So the NGP is now called PS Vita. Interesting, but nothing special. Even so I'm still excited for it and it may be my first proper handheld after quite much time. I'm not really into the "just remaster old games instead making new ones", but I'm  playing with the thought of buying the Ico/Shadow of Colossus Collection coming in september, as they're two great games one should not miss out! The Highlight for me here was definitely Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (see my previous post). At last they showed some Move games and that was it.

In spite of being a big Sony fan, I was really tense about the Wii's successor and they sure took their time until they finally announced it: The Wii U! At first I thought that it was just a new updated Wii controller, but gradually I understood that it was indeed coming with a new console. The concept looks promising and Nintendo finally gets into HD gaming.(At least the tech demo looked like it). Also it seems Nintendo wants to gain some third party developers back, since many new games like Arkham City or Assassin's Creed are going to be released on it. It's really a nice compromise between casual and hardcore and it's giving Nintendo much more perspectives in my opinion. Only negative thing is the form of the new controller, because I'm still a bit sceptical about playing with a iPad sized controller, but we'll see how it turns out..

So all in all you can say the E3 was a success in terms of games, but there weren't much new concepts, despite Nintendo. Regardless the games were mostly really promising and I'm really looking forward to many of them!

Here are some more games I'm looking forward to:

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Batman: Arkham City

Dark Souls


and many more!

Yours sincerely


  1. thanks for sharing, keep it up!

  2. I'm still kinda thrown off by the Wii U. I really don't know what to think of it.

  3. That new elder scrolls game looks pretty exciting! Except in the part of the video where he shoots the arrow at the guards and kills on and the other guard doesn't even care or flinch. haha

  4. Really? I thought Microsoft had the best expo. Sure, Kinect got boring, but Sony waffled and Nintendo embarrassed themself with the WII U.

  5. i cant wait for the elder scrolls game i hope they have a 3d mode that would be awesome.

  6. Nintendo blew everyone out of the water this year. just hope they can hold that hype

  7. I really, really hope the Wii U does in fact output in HD. It would be a massive shame if it didn't.

  8. microsoft still paying for COD to release earlyer on xbox...fags

  9. Looking forward to the wii u. That thing looks hot.

  10. Kinect gets boring for me quick, I like to sit and game.

  11. big flop overall. wii u looks a bit unpractical. as for sony and microsoft, they didn't hold their ground either.

  12. No Battlefield 3? Best thing about the whole of E3 (imo)

    Batman: Arkham City and Dark Souls will prolly be day one for me: Loved both of 'em

    TES 5:S Will be a game I'll buy on sale: 'till then the modding community will have released some delish mods :D

    And the Wii U... Yeah, no comment.